About Us

You can call us techie.

We bring you anything and everything related to the tech world. Our main aim is to educate anyone and everyone who is passionate about learning. All you need is consistency and follow us on various social platforms and let the magic happens.


Who are we

We are not a team we are a duo, just like jobs and Wozniak passionate, hardworking, consistency and the most important thing we follow the rule of kaizen.  By profession, we are Computer Engineers and practically we are problem solver for everybody.


What do we do?

We find a niche which seems more difficult and challenging to layman world or non-technical individuals, we break it into smaller segments and write blogs, forums, articles, or even draw some images which could easily convey our idea in a manner which everyone can understand. In short, we explain each and everything in minute detail.


Kaizen rule

Kaizen, it’s a Japanese word meaning constant development, it is this rule which we follow in our workflow. Because in today’s technological advancement world one needs to be constantly updating himself/herself in order to keep moving with the wheel.


The most constant thing in this world is change.

         -Waqar Khan