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Why cyber security internships is a must?

Wherever there is a processor there is programming, and wherever there is programming there is a bug, and it is this bug which makes it easier to carry out malicious activities, but what are malicious activities where does it come from. For all this, we need cyber security experts who help us with all these things.

That’s why there is a huge scope for cyber security.

I have done the detailed article below which help you a lot about cyber security scope, salary, jobs, internship, and many more so please read the complete article.

What is Cybersecurity?


We live in a wonderful era of technologies, in fact, there couldn’t be a great time apart from this, to be alive and witness the technological advancement on a daily basis.

All of these are possible due to the interconnection of each individual from various parts of the world through the internet.

Be its automobile industry, aerospace, education, entertainment, or medical industry, everything is connected through the internet and communicating through each other.

And is this interconnection & communication which makes vulnerable and allow wrong persons or organizations to carry out some illegal activities.

Therefore cybersecurity is the domain where we deal with these kinds of activities and prevents something illegal from happening.

Cybersecurity is the defending of interconnected devices on the internet be it your smartphones, laptops, tablets, or even your car if it is connected through the internet.

Nowadays hackers have got so advance that without your knowledge they can access your cellphone camera, access your IP address, your bank transaction even your Bluetooth microphone, you name it they got it.

But thanks to cybersecurity experts who protect these kinds of attacks from happening.

By experts, meaning they are categorized or specialized in different areas of cyberattacks.

So let’s see what are different sub-domains of cybersecurity.

Network Security.

Since each and everything is connected to the internet and form its own local network it is important to give access to authorized persons to enter into a network.

Therefore network security engineers ensure that no unauthorized person accesses the network, of course, this is done on a large scale where big companies and thousands of clients are involved.

Application Security.

You already know what’s an application and the uses of it, but these applications in order to communicate with the database or interact with some other applications use ports.

And it is this ports which makes these applications vulnerable, meaning using ports hackers can hack into your application and steal the sensitive information, so application security is the protection of all types application on the internet.

Information Security.

University, hospitals, or government organizations all of these bodies stores some kind of private information on their machines or database which can be hacked, so this domain focuses on securing these type of information.

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Database Security.

All the companies in the world have their own or third-party databases where they keep their or client’s data, these database providers are some Xyz company and if they got attacked by hackers there could be a disastrous breach in data, therefore database security experts focus on securing the database.

All of these are wide and broad sub-domains of cybersecurity, but let’s see how hackers actually hack or attack certain individuals or organizations.


SQL injection.

A SQL (Structured Query Language) injection is a type of attack that focuses on the database of some organization, by this attack hackers can actually hack thousands or millions of user’s sensitive information in one go.


This attack is mainly focused on individuals, where an email or some contact is made by hackers pretending that he/she is from a legitimate organization and asks you to provide some sensitive details.

These type of attacks mainly involves bank transaction, personal information, medical data, etc.

Man in the middle.

Suppose you want to contact some Xyz for some personal or work which may involve some transaction or exchange of data, so by this attack hackers response you pretending that they are a person whom you want to contact, and they contact the real person (whom you want to contact) on behalf of yourself, and the information exchange takes place and you are hacked.

Denial of Service.

This attack focuses on overwhelming the network or servers with huge traffic and prevents the legitimate user or organization from interaction with their network or server, this attack stops the organization from carrying out their activities and left users with no choice other than to terminate the services of an organization, which results in huge economic loss.

How Big is the Cyber industry?


Cybersecurity runs parallel to all kinds of technological advancements in various fields, as technology and its user grow this industry also grows.

In 2017 the market size of cybersecurity alone was around $104.6 billion and is projected to reach $259 billion by 2025.

India alone needs 1 million cybersecurity experts by 2020. Also during the COVID-19 pandemic this industry takes a boom as lots and lots of companies were moving online, and in the near future a lot many companies will remain online resulting in the growth rate.

Cybersecurity jobs?

Internet Hacking Security Cyber Security Network

The availability of jobs in this industry so huge that, never in times that this industry has met the supply to demand. In the USA alone there are 350,000 jobs unfilled currently, and by 2021 this number reaches 3.5 million. In India currently, 1 million jobs are vacant and this number grows in recent years.

The job requirements are as follows:

  1. US
  2. Canada
  3. UK
  4. Germany
  5. Russia
  6. Italy
  7. European countries
  8. China
  9. India
  10. Middle eastern countries
  11. Turkey
  12. Africa
  13. Malaysia

Top companies for Cybersecurity jobs in India?

Scope of Cyber Security in India.

In recent years the IT industry in India has shown some tremendous growth, startups, e-commerce, government activities, digital India and many more are the reason for the growth in this industry.

But since there is a sudden improvement in this tech industry, India fails to provide a sudden need of security to this tech industry, therefore cybersecurity profession in India is not doing quite well, last year NASSCOM reported that India alone would need some 1 million cybersecurity experts by 2020 & this number will keep on increasing in a couple of years.

The sudden reason for this huge demand is that some government policies such as demonetization, bank policies, and digital India due to which every sector is pushed to online directly or indirectly making them vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

In recent years a cyberattack named WannaCry ransomware hit the global IT industry of around 150 countries, the loss was estimated up to hundreds of billions of dollars, this attack led the government to take certain actions and introduce new cyber laws which can prevent this types of attacks.

Regardless of the increase in the IT industry, India lacks the digital skills in every field including cyber experts, in fact, the skilled expert’s demand is so high that companies are willing to pay 1.5 to 4 crores package. The jobs that India is currently looking for can be categorized into five sub-titles.

Network Security Engineer.

This is a domain which each and every organization needs, the experts ensure that the network within the system is intact and available 24×7, they are also responsible for firewalls, security, and data breaches.

It is they who connect the employees of the company remotely in a situation similar to the pandemic. Their key role includes automation of computers which eases the communication and handling of networking hardware such as routers, modem, switches, etc.

The average salary of network security engineer ranges from 4-5 lakhs and go up to 8-9 lakhs.

Security Analyst.

These engineers are the asset to any organization, they conduct tests of cyber-attacks in order to check if there are some loopholes.

They had to always upgrade the network configurations in order to withstand cyber vulnerabilities. They also train new employees for the betterment of the organization. Some big decisions and implementation take place in this domain. Their key role includes planning, implementing, and upgrading security measures.

The average salary of a security analyst begins from 6 lakhs per annum.

Security Architect.

These persons are those who are in touch with technical non-technical and higher authorities of any organization.

They first have to understand the workflow of any project by higher authorities then communicate with non-technical employees about their demands and then update the technical team to build up architecture or environment which could deliver the required result.

Besides building architecture their other role includes suggesting the employees or higher department that how everyone should use organization security systems.

The average salary of a security architect is 15-17 lakhs per annum.

Security Manager.

These individuals maintain the security protocols conducted by security and network department, they are also responsible for current security policies of any organization and held accountable for any vulnerability.

They have access to every security department of the organization and they also check all the servers, hardware and software that they are working perfectly or not.

It is they who get notified if some loophole or malicious activities happen within the organization.

The average security manager earns 12 lakhs per annum.

Chief Information Security Officer.

This individual is the senior-most person of the security team within any organization, mostly they are in managing the board of directors of any organization, and their presence within any company tells that organization can withstand any cyber attacks.

They are the heads of all the security department and are always included in building any new policies or implementing new projects.

If any cyber attacks happen it is they who interact directly with the attackers and deals them.

Their primary role is the optimum functioning of the organization without any security breaches.

The average salary for a CISO is 2 crores to 4 crores.

How to start a career in cybersecurity?

While the job is demanding and requires a skill to gain success the career path is not linear, one needs to be updated with technology trends, and the most important of all he/she must be continuous learners.

To begin with a career you do not need a professional degree in this field, rather you need certifications based on your career you choose.

Jobs in Cyber Security.

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