Best Data Science Internships (Home,Mumbai, Delhi etc).

Data Science Internships for the student, undergraduate, work from home.


Harvard as you all may have been familiar with this university, which requires no introduction, well according to them the sexiest job in 2020 is Data Scientist, for that job data science intership is a must .

But ever wonder what is data science, and what do they do, and how to be a one like them, ah! To be one like them you need to prove yourself and to prove yourself you need a place to prove that’s right you got that correct you need to do an internship.

So without any further delay let’s dive into the process for data science internship.

Cyber Security internship and jobs.

Why Data Science Internship is important?


Since data science is a huge domain which has a lot of sub-branches that too of many fields, it gets easier for an individual to get through it. Apart from computer science background data scientist requires business persons, mathematicians, analyst, data engineer, a person with visualization & communication, etc. Below image clarify the idea.

Usually, data science is a new field for many of us that’s why fresher’s or individual who are currently in learning phase easily gets the internship and due to its huge demand in every corner of the globe internship and jobs are available everywhere.

One needs to be consistent and hardworking in his work that’s all it takes to land a job.

Data science internships for undergraduates.


Internships are the gateway to any job, and nowadays quality internships are difficult to find, but in this demanding field where 100 and 1000 of jobs go vacant due to lack of qualified persons, therefore it gets easier for undergraduates to get an internship into reputed organization easily.

By no means the company wants you to be an expert and gives output to the point, even they know you are currently in the learning phase, that’s why they focus 50% on teaching you to be it self-learning by giving you personal space and time and other 50% on practically implying your knowledge on what you learnt.

So go ahead and don’t stop yourself from grabbing this amazing opportunity.

Key Requirements:

  • Developing forecast and probability scoring models.
  • Performing statistical analysis.
  • Create structured deliverables suitable for C-level executives.

Who can apply?

Those who are available for full time (in-office) internship.
Available for the duration of 3 months
Are from Mumbai or neighbouring cities
Duration : 3 Months
Stipend: 16k/per month
Apply by: 10th August 2020
Link for the undergraduate internship is: Click Here

Data science work from home internships.

2020 a year which is worth witnessing and being alive, too many tragic things happen this year and the biggest of all things coronavirus.

Which halts everything including education, corporate and every type of business be it small or huge.

But a big thanks to health workers who are front-liners and also a big thanks to tech industry who are working behind the curtains to keep our growing and evolving world fully functioning event in this time.

This tech industry provides e-learning, work from home, online medical facility, banks to function you name it this industry got it.

So when this virus didn’t stop learning how can it stop the internships which are also an integral part of this education sector.

Yes you heard it right you will not be left behind by any means, as more and more businesses are going online and employees are working from home so shall you, yes even you can apply for internships from home and get started right away for more details on working from home and where to apply we have provided that link too.

Key Requirements :

  • Understanding of Python.
  • Have knowledge of machine learning.

Who can apply?

Data Science Internship

Are available for the work from home job/internship.

Are available from 1st August till 4th September.

Have relevant skills and interest.

Women wanting to start/restart their career can also apply.
Duration: 1 Month
Stipend: 5k/per month
Apply by: 15 August 2020

Link for work from home internships: Click Here.

Data science internship for students.

We all know, as a student that too of engineering or tech background how much we have to go through, by the end of graduation.

We are only left with a piece of paper that we called it our degree which usually goes in vain until it has some good eye-catching grades or relevant certificates.

But in previous year universities have taken a lot of huge steps to tackle this situation by giving students an ample amount of time for internships and some certifications.

Students who are hardworking along with some smart moves escapes the rat race which is predetermined by some corporates for new graduate students.

Therefore it is high time for students who are currently in their academics to apply for some sort of internships in order to excel in their near future.

Student Internships (Mumbai).

Duration : 3 Months
Stipend: 15k – 20k /per month
Apply by: 6th August

About internships.

  1. Work on real specific problems with data.
  2. Understand data distribution.
  3. Read research papers on newer AI models and decode the same into code.

Key Requirements :

  • Machine learning.
  • Python.
  • Deep learning.

Who can apply?

Anyone who matches the above requirements.
Available for 3 months.
Willing to work on flexible hours.

Data science internship for fresher.

The struggle of one fresher graduate is only understood by another one, but to get rid of being titled as fresher even after graduation is that one needs to be focused on his overall skills and must have the ability to constantly work with whatever he/she has or have.

But in these times of so much technological advancements where can, one get started and whom to ask for help and support?

Well, you may don’t know the core phase of learning that is learned by involving in it simply put learn by practically working on it, which itself is the main core idea of internships you learn each and everything but by working on real projects.

So in order to be fully internship ready individual, you must be technically sound and have had the previous experiences on some institute level projects, this prerequisite of institute project and good technical knowledge is common for all fresher internships.

Key Requirements :

  • CS/IT background or engineering students
  • Fresh grad (students who are in final year can also apply if they can give 4-6 months)
  • Programming knowledge of python/java/R or C++. Javascript skill will be added more advantage
  • Exposure to SQL, NoSQL or Ms-Excel with Data analytics

Who can apply?

Who has a very good understanding of data structure and algorithms.
Adequate knowledge of machine learning.
Must have completed at least one individual software project (System/Web/Mobile app).
Excellent communication skills.
Duration: 4 – 6 Months
Stipend: 5k – 15k /per month
Apply by: Flexible

Link for fresher internship: Click Here.

Data science internships as per locations.

Due to this pandemic, we all have stuck in our hometown or whatever places we were earlier, but a lot of us already know that India has a lot of potential cities which provide or compete on a global level in terms of technological advancement.

And among these cities, there are few cities which are well known to everybody like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai etc.

Therefore we have segregated some of the internships according to your preferred places.

Mumbai: Click Here.

Delhi: Click Here.

Bengaluru: Click Here.

Chennai: Click Here.

Hyderabad: Click Here.

Data science internships as per the company.

Amazon – Data scientist intern.

Amazon a company which you may know as product based company, but in recent years or you may say in past years it has developed and evolved itself so much that it is considered in top 5 tech giant companies.

Now this company is hiring interns who can help the company in optimizing its complex logistics and would be responsible for all the statistical data.

In addition to these, he/she will be exposed to the business model of the company and will be joining the business meeting which may contribute the growth.

Key Requirements:

  • Storytelling with data.
  • Design data architecture and data lakes.
  • Communication, he/she have to interact directly to clients.
  • Must be familiar with ML, Amazon Saga Maker (GT).

Experience in using Python, R or Matlab or other statistical/machine learning.
Duration: NA
Stipend: NA
Apply by: NA
Link:  Apply Now.

Flipkart – Data scientist intern.

Flipkart Started in 2007 as the goal of making an e-book available to anyone who has internet, and in 7 years it has revolutionaries the e-commerce in the processes of becoming the largest internet company in India.

In order to deliver optimum result to its customer, technology must be exploited to the fullest, therefore in recent years, this company has stepped into the various domains of tech industry one of which is data science.

As this company is considered India’s tech giant company it has an opportunity and many roles to play like, pricing, supply chain management, marketing intelligence, self-healing systems and many.

On an average 10million daily visits are made to this website, so you see how much demand this company is making. And as you know where there is demand there is an opportunity, so don’t wait anymore and get started as an intern.

Duration : 3 – 6 months
Stipend : NA
Link: Apply Now.

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