How to remove word from string in python | Remove word from string?

In this article, we mentioned how to remove word from string in python, but if you want to know how to remove char from a string or sentence then you can read.

To begin with, removing the word from the string we have to be familiar with the list, string, and some of its built-in methods.

Before getting directly to the code we must understand the actual working of our problem and break it into smaller chunks and then conquer it.


  1. We will take a string.
  2. We will take desired input from the user which we want to discard from a string.
  3. We will convert our string into a list so that we can easily traverse it.
  4. We will take another variable called new_string, where we will store our output.
  5. We will iterate through the list.
  6. We will check if the word from iteration and input value from the user matches or not.
  7. If it matches, we will not inset into new_string.
  8. Else we will insert it into new_string.
  9. And finally, we will print the output.

How to remove word from string in python



  1. We have taken a string
  2. We have printed its value
  3. We have taken input from the user, which we want to discard.
  4. We have applied the split() method of string which splits the string and passes the output into a list. So, our string becomes a list.
  5. We have taken a new_string variable with an empty string. In this, we will store out output.
  6. We have iterated through the list, and each word of the list comes in i variables in each iteration.
  7. Now, we have checked if i and char content matches or not.
  8. If content is matched then we have applied join() method of string which joins whatever is inside join to the existing string, in this case it is empty space. Because if i and char matches we don’t want it to be joined to new_string.
  9. After inserting an empty space we have again inserted an empty string so the there is space between two words. 
  10. We have taken an else block which means i and char are not equal.
  11. So, we have inserted the i value as it is in the new_string.
  12. Again, we have inserted an empty space so there can be spaces between two words.
  13. Simply printed the output.

This was how to remove words from the string. If you want to see how to remove char from string read this article.

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