Index Error: List Index Out Of Range Python.

While coding in python we may encounter several types of errors one of which is list index out of range python.

This error occurs while we are working on lists, also a similar type of error occurs when we are working with tuples.

1. Lists.

The list is one of four built-in collection data types in a python programming language.

Some of its features include, we can add or delete list items, we can sort list items and we use a list for multiple works based on our needs.

2. Index.

The index is a convention that is used by a python interpreter to store values in a fashion that can be easily remembered and accessed when required next time.

So, in collection data types or say lists we store our list items in a fashion where 1st item is at 0th position, 2nd item is at 1st position, 3rd item is at 2nd position, and so on.

So, this position number of each item is called an index.

It starts with zero and ends at your length-1.

Meaning if the list contains 10 items in a list (If you begin counting from 1 to 10) then your index would be till 9. 1st item being at 0th position 10th item being at 9th position.

list out of index python

3. Range.

The range is a built-in method in python which is mainly used for iterations.

This method is mostly used with loops where we want our loops to run for a certain number of times or say iterations.

Mainly range takes two inputs the starting point from where our loop will begin and the endpoint where our loop will get terminated.

Now after all these jargons, we may look into an error that is list index out of range.

If you want to print the entire list you will simply pass the list name into a print statement, if you want to print the specific value of the list you will pass the list name along with the index number in square brackets into a print statement.

list out of index

Now suppose you give some index number that does not exist in the list then only you will get the list index out of range error.

list out of index python

This is the reason you get this error.

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